Salkow's - Trinity Alps Wilderness Inspiration

The Trinity River by Steve Salkow

Cotton Candied clouded,
white willow shrouded,
gurgled a honored gray glide,
and many a fair trout to hide.
The bird sang and butterfly flew,
at the crest, the sun poked through.
A flurry white perched on the flow,
the fish came up to sip the show.
A memorable morning on the steam
as an answer to a dream.

The Trinity Alps by Steve Salkow

Trees soar on steep slopes, rivers wind through gray freestone creek beds beneath the large craggy ridges and peaks that are white with winter's paintbrush. Layers of civilization peel off like autumn leaves on a windy bluff. Here strums vibrant notes of ancient remberances on the taut strings of our primordial fibers. All seems as it should be.