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Microsoft Script Editor

Find the Microsoft Script Editor

mse_icon.jpg  Look for MSE.exe or MSE7.exe under the Microsoft Office Folder.
If not there, go to Microsoft Word Tools and select Macros

Now select Microsoft Script Editor

You may now go back to Look for MSE.exe or MSE7.exe under the Microsoft Office Folder. In win2000, the program is often under
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10


Understanding the Script Editor's User Environment

In the Script Editor, you work with the HTML code and script in an Office document by using the Source tab at the bottom of the editor window.


Note The Script Editor also displays a Design tab, but Design view is not enabled when you are working with an Office document.
The left side of the editor window makes it possible for you to access a toolbox, and a Document Outline window. As when you are working with UserForms in the Visual Basic Editor, you use the toolbox in the Script Editor to add controls to the HTML code in the page. To see the hierarchy of HTML objects on a page and the various DHTML objects in a document, you use the Document Outline window. Much like the Visual Basic Editor, the Script Editor's Source view includes a color-coded view of the HTML code in a document along with drop-down lists that display the available objects and their related methods and properties.

Note For complete documentation about the Script Editor's user environment, click Contents on the Help menu in the Script Editor.

Writing JScript Code or VBScript

A complete JScript or VBScript Tutorial is available from the Help Menu.

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