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Vicki and I are new to North Carolina and although we have been to quite a few places, the list of Favorites is growing a bit slower than we expected. Rather than write negative reviews, I prefer to spend the time recommending a place you may enjoy.

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Asheville, NC

  • Fig Bistro
    18 Brook Street Asheville, NC 28803
    Highly Recommended
  • Bouchon French Bistro
    (828) 350-1140
    French, Comfort Food, Cocktail Bars
    62 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801


Blake's Restaurant star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg
127 Hillview St
Candor, NC 27229
(910) 974-7503
Listed in https://www.yelp.com/list/fried-chicken-worth-trying-candor

More happen stance than by design, we ended up here and very hungry. The only other place in town was a chain hamburger place not on my preferred list. When we saw Southern Fried Chicken on the menu, my long quest was answered. The chicken was cooked to order hence took a wee bit to arrive but was cooked to a light crunchy perfection. The mashed potatoes featured their "beef gravy" and while I am not a willy-nilly gravy person, my instincts said thrust this place. The gravy was outstanding. The Cole slaw must be among the best anywhere in NC. The yeast muffins were freshly made and the mini-corn bread round was hot from the oven. We both had the lemon meringue pie, which was excellent even if the crust was a bit soft. Overall, this is worth going out of your way to seek. I highly recommend Blake's!

Located right off 220/ NC Highway 73 - See Map link above.

Spruce Pine

Knife and Fork   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
61 Locust St
Spruce Pine , NC 28777
(828) 765-1511

After search on Yelp for Boone, Blowing Rock and Spruce Pine restaurants open for lunch based on their reviews and the content of their menu the search soon narrowed quickly. There were several highly rated restaurants but few were very affordable. One affordable award winning restaurant had not only received good reviews but also when I researched their website at http://www.yelp.com/redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.knifeandforknc.com&s=8927d0c9df91b4b51aa86c47845289582e77f964b0ec1f4fd3abc142047445ff

I found that the chef was classically trained and had a great pedigree extending back to serving on the team at the James Beard winning Suzanne Goin's L.A. Restaurant. Chef Nathan Allen is focused on "seasonal and sustainable dishes that reflect the traditions and cultures of the mountains of North Carolina ." Nathan has a YouTube video and is something of a celebrity.

The menu while not huge is exceptional thoughtful and creatively executed. My wife and I had the potatoe-brocolli soup that was finely rendered and somewhat understated with a hint of lemon. The soup was served with two toasted crostini with a little tub of parmesan butter. I wish I could have licked the bowl.

I had the grilled trout on opened face grilled bread with a perfectly balanced home-made tartar sauce and thin crisp fries made from Adirondack Red and Yukon gold potatoes, farm locally, as was all the produced used by Nathan. It was served with tin of Nathan's home-made tomato sauce that I loved. (Tried to talk him into allowing me to include it in my cookbook. See www.passionatehomecook.com/)

My wife had an opened faced steak and cheddar melt with sautéed pepper and fries. We traded bites, which was a good thing, because I could see myself driving 2 hours to get this sandwich.

We finished a perfect meal with a piping hot Blueberry Crisp right out of the oven topped with a vanilla ice-cream. Heavenly. Nathan and his staff are super nice and the service is 100% accommodating.

We talked to four women at the next table. It seems she brings all her good friends to the Knife and Fork, as it was her favorite restaurant.

When your looking for the restaurant, know that it is next door to the Tin Lizard pub on Locust Street that parallel Oak Avenue .

Greensboro, NC

  • Tara Thai   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    435 Dolley Madison Rd # B
    Greensboro, NC 27410-5148
    (336) 315-9773
    Pad Thai was pretty decent. Oder it with both Shrimp and Chicken. The lunch menu is very affordable. The cook is THAI so this is the real deal. Do be afraid to ask for specialties. You have to ask for Thai Hot if you can handle very hot!!

  • Pho Hien Vuong star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    $$ Vietnamese, 4109 Spring Garden St,Greensboro, NC 27407

    I had it in mind to find a great pho soup restaurant so I had been asking around. Several different places had recommended the Pho Hien Wong for the pho. When I walked in after finding a parking space in a packed parking lot, I remember the wonderful aromas of my favorite soup venues back in San Jose.
    I was presented with a six page menu plus an insert with the specials and was pleasantly surprised not only of the many selections but also, the Thai offerings were too numerous to grasp at a first glance. The menu had to be studied. Per chance, one may miss an opportunity. Immediately I realized that it would take many visits to savor the length and breathe of THIS menu. Not that I am entirely engaged with vegetarian dishes, there were 16 of these.
    I thought I was sure to choose a pho; after all, it was their specialty. When I saw Thai Tom Yum Shrimp Soup , I had to have it and it was, in a word, OUTSTANDING ! In addition, I saw they had noodle bowls of vermicelli topped with peanuts, caramelized onions and lemon grass beef. Every thing I had was super fresh, wonderful, aromatic, and delicious. Service was super friendly, efficient, and the food came out quickly. They asked several times throughout the meal if all was well. To test their flexibility I asked for Thai basil and bean sprouts to put in the soup. Immediately (if not sooner) these were brought out.
    We came back a second time to try something else. The Pad Thai was the best I have had in Greensboro and generous with firm delicious shrimp. BRAVO again !

Kernersville, NC

    Bistro B's    star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpghstar.jpg

    126-G South Main St
    Kernersville, NC 27284
    A complete review:

    Mediterranean with Latin American Fusion haute cuisine prepared by award winning chef/owner Timothy Bocholis (classically trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y)

    Prissy Polly's Barbeque   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg

    729 Nc Hwy 66 S
    Kernersville, NC 27284
    (336) 993-3232    Map
    Yelp review

    Owner's Loran, Gary, Greg, Deborah Whaley This was my first visit, and a band playing Bluegrass was in place but there were still a few tables still open. My granddaughter out from California wanted to try NC BBQ.

    Customers order and pay then the server bring your food to your table. Some of us had pull pork sandwiches, while many of us opted for the rib plates, the consensus was the Hush Puppies were a 10. The beans, Cole slaw (they had both kinds (sweet and the traditional), potato salad were all very good. The ribs came with sauce on the side any were generous serving even for a big man such as me. They were very good and not overcooked or dry. The pull pork sandwiches were also a hit. They offered three types of sauce: Lexington, Western, and Texas (spicy). All were good. I mixed Western, and Texas style to make it spicier.

    Service was very friendly. One of the owners came around to see how we were doing. When I told him, his Hush Puppies were great he brought out an extra order for the table. The server came by two more times to check on us. This was a fun place. Placards on the table showed the next two calendar dates with live entertainment. Everyone was having a good time. Prices were modest. The 3-rib plate was $10.50. Four of us had their pecan pie, which was a very good one. Recommended. Decor was country square-dance with red checkered table cloths.


Kitty Hawk

Lexington, NC

  • Cook's Barbeque    Map
    366 Valiant Dr, Lexington, NC 27292
    (336) 798-1928,
    Better NC Style BBQ, Ribs, Chicken, Pull Pork, Brisket
    Very affordable

Fine Dining

A great place to eat is a place that you enjoy. A fine restaurant is one you like! A great restaurant is one that cares about what you think and wants to make sure you have a great time while enjoying the best of food and drink. So these are places I have rated. Read below about restaurants with a good wine list as it will shed more light on picking out a good one from data possibly avialable on the internet.

Wine Pairings:  see http://www.fetzer.com/fetzer/wines/pairingschart.aspx


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    Danville /Blackhawk California

    The Blue Footed Booby Canoe Club
    Not Rated yet

    3540 Blackhawk Plaza Circle
    Danville, CA 94506
    Not Rated yet

    Forbes Mill Steakhouse
    The East Bay’s Ultimate Kobe Steak Restaurant
    200 Sycamore Valley Road West
    Danville, CA. 94526
    Not Rated yet


    Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpghstar.jpg
    944 C Street
    Hayward, Calif
    510 582-1937
    This friendly family operated restaurant has been operated, in one form or another, since 1966. The chips are home made and served warm. The location is in the middle of the block in a nice clean downtown area with ample parking on the street or near by. The owners' operators are gracious hosts. The food is authentic and excellent with a very extensive menu. The Carnitas is only served on Saturday. The tortilla soup is so popular, if it is cold outside, it will sell out. We were there Saturday and they had homemade Flan. The beef tamales were very good. I love it. Highly recommended and very affordable.

    Walnut Creek

    Prima Cafe >  star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    1522 N. Main Street
    Walnut Creek, CA

    One of my favorites. Menu tracks seasonal changes and is often offered with wine pairings. One of the top wine list in Northern California. Prima Cafe's Wine Shop augments the restaurant. Valet parking. Highly recommended.

    Scott's Seafood Restaurant
    1333 N. California Blvd
    Walnut Creek, California 94596
    (925) 934-1300
    Fax: (925) 934-0713
    Shell and Fresh Fish. Oysters. Good service. Wine list is lacking. Corkage fee is $15.00

    Point Reyes Station

    Station House Cafe    star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpg
    on Main St. located 100 yards off Highway 1.

    Highly Recommended for Hog Island Oysters (5 stars) and the fresh whole crab (perfect). The oysters are simply the best I ever had. Get them with the Hog Wash sauce. Open for breakfast, lunch and diner, the menu has soups, salads, seafood, shellfish, Niman Ranch steak, and vegetarian affair - quite a large menu. Desserts are many, I had fresh berry pie. Unique was the piping hot popovers served along with their own corn bread. Second batch we not as hot, probably needs to ask for those "straight from the oven." Service was reasonable considering the place was packed on Valentines Day. The atmosphere is casual and noisy. Musicals played jazz in the bar heard throughout the cozy restaurant. Corkage $10. Reasonable wine list, moderate prices.

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    Rutherford Grill
    Cuisine: American
    Phone: 707-963-1792.

    "Very casual atmosphere and very good food at affordable prices. A great place to stop on your way up through the valley. Friendly service, nice portions, and good food! Loved the Filet Mignon and Garlic Mashed Potatoes" a patron writes. Also called the "best wine value". Has been recommended more than once. Not yet rated.

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    St. Helena

    Terra Restaurant, 1345 Railroad Ave. ,St. Helena, California 94574 ,
    (707) 963-8931 (map)

    Terra is located in an historic fieldstone building. Chefs are award winners. No sign on building. See Menu  Not yet rated.

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    1005 First St., Napa, CA 94559

    Menu is a good one, with something for everybody. Noisy and friendly, service is efficient and friendly. We had Osso Buco and the Flank Steak. We finished with a Chocolate Cappuccino cup on Creme Angles filled with a white chocolate mousse and a chocolate sauce. Extremely decadent. star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpghstar.jpg

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    San Jose/Santa Clara

    Guadalajara Market II   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    Mexican Food
    Corner Empire and 10th Street
    452 E Empire St
    San Jose, CA

    One of two restaurants run by the same family for 30+ years serves the best burritos on the planet. The beans are heavenly smooth and fresh every day. Their rellenos are made fresh every morning with fire roasted Poblano chilies.

    Suits come from South San Francisco to dine here. The fire department and the police congregate at lunchtime around a sparse number of tables. I have been dining here for 30 years. Chili Colorado, Chili Verde, BBQ beef, Carne Asada, Carnitas, chili rellenos burritos are all top favorites. These are embellished with guacamole, cheese, beans, lettuce, chopped cilantro, chopped tomatoes, and onions, Pinto beans, Mexican rice, and hot sauce. Jalapeno are available on the side. Have a homemade pineapple or pumpkin empanada for dessert

    Very highly recommended.

    KIM TAR Restaurant star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    Chinese BBQ
    1698 Hosteter Rd, #J
    San Jose, CA 408)

    Authentic and excellent Chinese with a varied and extensive menu. Highly recommended. Get there early.

    McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    170 South Market St.
    San Jose, California 95113
    (408) 283-7200

    I have tried the one in Virginia

    San Jose-Maggiano's   star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg
    3055 Olin Avenue Suite 1000
    San Jose, CA 95128
    Phone: 408-423-8973
    Fax: 408-423-8959

    This particular restaurant is in a new complex of expensive shops near Winchester and Stevens Creek. It features family style Italian food in generous portions. A family style menu for lunch is $11.95 per person for 4 courses with two choices per course. Affordable food prepared well. Decor makes this new restaurant seem like its been there for 100 years. Noisy and fun. Ok wine list with modest priced wine Italian and domestic. Reservations a very good idea. Menu

    The Cheesecake Factory    star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpg
    3041 Stevens Creek Road Space L1
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
    (408) 246-0092
    Located at the Westfield Shopping town Valley Fair, next to Macy´s Men´s Store.
    Valet Parking $4

    Highly recommended, I had the SHRIMP WITH ANGEL HAIR ,Large Shrimp Sauteed with Herbs, Lemon and Garlic. Combined with Angel Hair Pasta, Fresh Tomato and Fresh Basil which I rated at 10! Outstanding. I capped this off with the lemon/raspberry cheesecake - very good.

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    San Rafael

    Il Davide
    901 A Street
    San Rafael, CA
    (415) 454-8080
    innovative Tuscan cuisine, award-winning wine list) - (not rated yet)

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    Las Vegas

    Carnevino at the Palazzo Hotel

    Chef Mario Batali and winemaker Joe Bastianich brought their magic to Las Vegas with the opening of their first Italian steakhouse, featuring high­quality American meat, and their first­ever international wine list. The menu is comprised of fresh and inspiring modern Italian cuisine alongside the traditional steakhouse classics beyong USDA Prime and Dry Aged to perfection cooked over wood grill. see Menu    Lunch:12pm-3pm, Dinner:5pm-11pm, (702) 789-4141
    Look like a winner and on my list to try.

    Osteria del Circo at the Bellagio star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg
    3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-4303 ,(702)693-7223. Italian food with an imagination. Has tasting menu with wines. Pricey but highly recommended. Do not go to eat but to dine leisurely. Dinner may run $350. Has great view of the fountain. Look for dishes like a foie gras ravioli with black truffles; a crisp sea bass wrapped with potatoes and the addictive bomboloni, creme filled puffs of dough. Also look for some of the highest menu prices in the resort: appetizers $18-$29; entrees $28-$39, a five course tasting menu is $90, seven courses $120.

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    In Fremont

    Massimos Italian
    Catering as well
    5200 Mowry Ave # M, Fremont  
    (510) 792-2000
    Decent Italian ($16 lunch) They have a good Osso Buco on Wednesdays

    Fellini O - Italian
    Cristina Locke (cristina@fellini-o.com)
    3900 New Park Mall Road
    Newark, CA 94560
    Glass Restaurant , it is small and has decent menu.
    3900 Newpark Mall (behind New Park Mall on the west side near McDonalds)

    Charles Foreman
    Papillon Restaurant star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpg
    37296 Mission Blvd.
    Fremont, CA 94536
    510.793.2789 Fax

    This French restaurant is "perched on Mission Boulevard just west of the entrance to Niles Canyon, near the Sullivan Underpass, Papillon - the French name for Butterfly - has been quietly serving lunch and dinner patrons from near and far with elegance and panache."

    Has a wide French wine list and the food is good. The menu is quite large and affordable for the quality. French Crepes are done at the table for dessert but are a little off the classic Crepes suzette recipe and have cinnamon. They are renown for their soups and the one I had was excellent. The Truffles & Cognac Duck Pate was good but serving size are large and could serve two or three.

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    In Crockett (above Berkeley)

    The Dead Fish star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    20050 San Pablo Avenue
    Crockett, CA. 94525
    Open from 11am to 2am daily.
    (510) 787-DEAD (3323)

    Fun spot - a great view of the San Pablo Bay near the Richmond Bridge. A Nautical theme forties style roadhouse restaurant featuring an array of crab dishes & prime rib. Crab for four $100


    Nantucket Seafood Restaurant  star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    501 Port
    Crockett, CA. 94525
    The restaurant sits in the harbor right on the Carquinez Strait, underneath the Carquinez Bridge. The morning Star is a local fishing charter of this same pier. Stick to the house favorites, steamed eastern clams, cioppino, seafood fettucine. Clam chowder is excellent. Cheese cake, chocolate browny with ice cream, Creame Brulle. This is a very rustic casual place with color and friendly service and well worth the trip.

    East bound: Take I-80 east to the Cummings Skyway Exit.
    After exiting, turn left. Go straight to signal light (1/2 mile).
    Turn right at the signal light. Go straight on this water front road for 1-3/10 mile to Port Street.
    Turn left on Port Street. Port Street dead ends at the harbor.

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    In Palo Alto

    Zibibbo (Mediterranean)
    430 Kipling St., Palo Alto, CA
    415 328-6722
    Noted for their great wine list

    EVIA's - Greek Style - Reservation required very much ahead. star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg Heard it was good

    Spago's - A Wolfgang Puck restaurant- star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg

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    In San Francisco

    Farallon Restaurant star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg

    450 Post St. (between Powell and Mason streets), San Francisco
    (415) 956-6969
    HOURS: Open for lunch 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday; dinner 5:30-10:30 p.m. Sunday-Wednesday and 5:30-11 p.m. Saturday. (Bar open later). Full bar. $12 valet at dinner.
    Difficult street parking.
    A real treasure. Main menu items $37, Appetizers $15. Easy to spend quite a bit the food is equisite here as is the wine list. The wine steward is terrific at finding just what you want at a price you can afford. Service is exceptional and on a large group, the gratuity is rolled into the check at 18%. The dishes were each a perfection of flavor, smell, and presentation. This could easily become my favorite resturant.
    Dinner for 5 including three modest bottles of wine in the $60 range was $650.

    221 Powell Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 397-7720

    Menu highlights include house-made pastas, traditional Italian salads, fresh fish and flavorful meats grilled over mesquite. All baked goods, pastries and desserts are prepared daily in-house. I previewed the wine list. Its full of bargains and many Italian finer selections. Bravo!

    Farallon Restaurant
    450 Post St San Francisco, CA 94102-1526
    Recommended - not yet rated
    Between Mason and Powell Streets
    Features "coastal cusine"- I have previewed the wine list and it is very good list and reasonably knowledgeable.

    Palace Hotel - The Garden Court Restaurantstar1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg
    Their wine list is good with reasonable wines only moderately marked up, $18 ~$200, some by the glass. The serve Brunch on Sundays at $45.00 Per Person as well as a Saturday Afternoon Tea. Directions   click here. Reservations

    Phone 415-546-5010
    Fax 415-537-6299
    The Garden Court Restaurant
    c/o The Palace Hotel
    2 New Montgomery Street
    San Francisco, CA 94105

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    Pastrio- A Wolfgang Puck restaurant - Noisy, busy, casual, fun, great food, great wine list, price. star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg

    545 Post Street (at Mason)
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 776-7825
    Fax:(415) 776-6702

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    Ristorante Fior d'Italia star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg

    601 Union Street San Francisco, CA 94133
    (415) 986-1886

    Oldest Italian restaurant in SF (1886)

    The entrees $12 to $26, jacket and tie did not seem to be required but would not have been out of place. Waiters speak Italian and wear Black Dinner Jackets. Menu is exceptionally diverse, half orders are accommodated, three and five course sample menus are $30, $50 per person. Food is very good, service is very good, decor is good, bread exceptional. Wine list is studied with affordable good wines both Italian and American, but also has exception wines, some of which are offered by the Glass. A fine Borolo $20/glass. All in all, this could easily become a favorite.

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    Queue de Cheval star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg
    1221 boul. Ren笌赥sque Ouest
    Montr蠬, QC H3G 1T1
    Tel: 514.390-0090
    Fax: 514.390.1390
    American Steak house, Corn Fed Dry Aged Prime Beef or a selection of fresh fish and seafood. Fine food with distinction. Gets rave reviews for food and ambiance but is considered by many as over priced. Large but expensive wine list.
    My daughter said it was excellent and she is very reserved with her praise. WI/FI Wired.
    Send email to: info@queuedecheval.com

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    In Cupertino

    Silver Wing   star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg
    Chinese food at its best, Yank Chow and Szechwan,
    10885 N Wolfe Road, near Homestead, 408-873-7228. Friendly and affordable

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    In San Carlos

    Piacere Ristorante
    727 Laurel St
    San Carlos, CA 94070
    Daily 11:00am-10:00pm
    Tel: (650) 592-3536
    Lebanese owner Tony. Congenial, good solid Italian Food. Osso Buco and roast chicken very good.
    Modest prices, modest wines. Very comfortable and friendly. Service is good.
    star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg

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    In Healdsburg

    Ravenous- Need reservations two months ahead. Highly recommended by my friends.

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    In Oakhurst

    Erna Elderburry's - Part of Chateau de Sureau (sp) which is a small B&B.

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    In Oakland


    SCOTT'S    star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpg
    Jack London Square
    2 Broadway - Valet parking
    Oakland, California 94607
    (510) 444-3456

    Very good seafood and a few exceptional aged prime New York cut steak (1 lb.) or a Filet Mignon(10oz). Wine list is not the greatest but the 1999 Chateau St. Jean Robert Young Chardonnay, with an exceptional nose from the Alexander Valley estate ($39) paired well with fish dishes. Notable: OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER were excellent! Key Lime pie was the best I have ever tasted. Five of us had different seafood selections. All were excellent. Service was very superior. Bread was excellent. Valet parking is validated.


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    Kincaid's Bayhouse    star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpg
    One Franklin St. (right next to (south) of Scotts- Valet parking same as Scotts
    Oakland, CA 510-835-8600
    Spit Roaster & Seafood Broiler.
    Great view, excellent full bar.
    Rated number One Favorite Steak House in Oakland, ribs and chicken @ $15, top combinations to $40, average entree $27, great view, interesting desserts, service excellent, wine list is okay with no exceptional offerings. Rated FUN SPOT. Prices at lunch affordable. Open on Sunday at brunch.

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    Recommended Restaurants

    Yoshi's Japanese Restaurant & World Class Jazz Club
    510 Embarcadero West, Oakland, CA
    "Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants." (SF Chronicle)

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    In Pleasanton

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes
    An up-beat grill and bistro with simple but inviting decor. Copper River Salmon is a specialty when in season. Service is usually ok but slows when busy. star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg

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    CARMEN'S Family BBQ star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg
    41986 Fremont Blvd
    Fremont , CA 94538
    (510) 657-5464

    Jamaican ownership reflects a style both Caribbean and Southern Unites States. Potato salad is wonderful as is the corn bread. BBQ ribs, chicken, beef, and links all Very smoky.

    Simple table and chairs. Flavor is 5 stars.

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    IN San Jose

    Something Company
    It on Old Oakland Road between Highway 101 and Montegue Expressway on the west side of the road next to a trailer park. It consist of a few old sheds. This is a church group that has been doing this smokey barbecue along the road for almost ten years or so. Recommended. Flavor is star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg.
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    Chinese Food

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpgSilver Wings Chinese food at its best, Yank Chow and Szechwan,
    10885 N Wolfe Road, near Homestead, 408-873-7228. Friendly and affordable star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg

    KIM TAR Restaurant star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    Chinese BBQ
    1698 Hosteter Rd, #J
    San Jose, CA 408)

    Authentic and excellent Chinese with a varied and extensive menu. Highly recommended. Get there early.

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes

    Chinese Food - Fremont

    Chinese Food - Milpitas

    Chili Garden
    210 Barber Lane, Milpitas
    Getting great reviews. Features include Szechuan style.

    ABC Seafood (Chinese cuisine)star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    768 Barber Lane, Milpitas, 95035, 408-435-8888
    Good Dim Sum

    Mayflower Seafood Restaurant star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    (408) 922-2700
    Milpitas, CA 95035 Ma
    Good Dim Sum

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    Chinese Food - San Jose

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes

    Newport Beach

    21 Oceanfrontstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg

    21 Oceanfront is located on the oceanfront,across from the Newport Beach Pier (Balboa pennisula).

    2100 West Oceanfront, Newport Beach, CA 92663
    Features ocean view dining, great bar, american cuisine, seafood, steaks, and has an exceptionally fine list with affordable and extraordinary wines which have been picked by an expert to give value for the $. A three course meal offered a ceasar salad, kobi beef and a chocolate mousse dessert for $59. Highly recommended. Live music was terrific. Menu Wine List

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes

    Crab Cooker The star1.jpgstar1.jpg
    2200 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663, (949) 673-0100

    Colorful and popular with the locals. Fresh Dungeness crab is good. Soft shell crabs were from Thailand but are good but ask for them Fried extra crispy. Tarter sauce was very good. Warm bread was just a plain French bread and clam chowder was a Manhattan style which was strong of other flavors like bell peppers and tomato one could not detect a flavor of clams. Fried squid was good, crab cakes were good, and cole slaw was good. The cheese mash potatoes arrived over-powered by Romano cheese and burnt on the bottom. Several tap beers on hand including Heineken and Hefeweizen. I was disappointed they did not have French Fries. Seasonally they have fresh oysters on the menu. Service is that of a typical dinner -matter-of-fact and unpretentious but generally friendly. Staff works hard so treating them well probably has a high payback.

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes

    Thai Food

    Thai House
    177 W. Caleveras Blvd.

    Ala Carte Food is star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg for flavor and taste.
    If presentation was fancier, this would be a five star restaurant. Service is excellent and the people are so polite that you feel that you should be on your best behavior. Low cost. Very highly recommended. Pad Thai is my favorite.

    Lunch Buffet has good variety and value

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes
    Sini's Thai Bistro
    637 Laurel St, San Carlos
    (415) 592-9211
    Small place with good Pad Thai

    (go to Wine page)
    (Top)  Wine    Recipes

    Colorado Springs

    The Famous  star1.jpg star1.jpgstar1.jpg
    A steak House
    31 N. Tejon St.
    Colorado Springs, CO
    (719) 227-7333
    Prime Beef but wet aged not dry. Mid $30's most steaks. Oysters on the half shell. Good service, Live piano nightly. Good food.

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes


    McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant  star1.jpg star1.jpg star1.jpg
    Reston Town Center
    11920 Democracy Drive
    Reston, Virginia 20190
    (703) 481-6600

    Location is 25 minutes from Dulles Airport and a free parking building is across the street.
    Although this is a chain, it is superior to most of them.
    A very big menu includes fresh oyster varieties and clams on the half shell, 10+ fresh catch of the day, Lobster thermador. Good crusty bread, many wines by the glass, good wine list. Good friendly service. Decent dessert tray.

    (Top)   Wine    Recipes


    Siris  star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    2115 Rt 70 W, Near Grove
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
    French Thai.
    White linen tablecloth, upscale. Pad Thai recommended.

    Elena Wu  star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    910 Berlin Rd.
    Voorhees, NJ 08043

    White linen tablecloth, upscale. In the Ritz shopping center. Excellent Sushi and also Asian/Chinese. Elean is the owner. If you sweet talk her they will even make you something not quite on the menu. Honey Walnut Prawns a specialty. Highly recommended.

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes


    Striped Bass Closed star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    1500 Walnut st.
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
    Upscale, very excellent food and presentaion, wine list is a plus, service excellent. Highly recommended. Expensive.
    Parc Restaurant, Bistro & Cafe
    $$$ French, American (New), Cafes
    227 S 18th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Parc is a wonderful spot and very what's happening now. The street side seating is the most popular and usually has a line while dining in the large inside restaurant is almost immediate. The service is excellent and even the manager comes around to ask you if all is well. My wife and I had the Norwegian and eggs Benedict respectively. I order some baguettes while I waited. The food was PERFECT- the egg just runny enough, the muffin hot but not crusty, the hollandaise perfect and not excessively lemony. Ah great experience - perfect is hard to come by. Liked it so much, came back the very next day when the Green Egg proved to be jammed with people on Sunday.

    Highly recommended. Good menu but not quite as varied as many French Bistros. The decor was 100 % in character. It felt French. While we loved the Cappuccino, I was disappointed they did not offer a French Pressed Coffee.


    Joy Tsin Lau Chinese Restaurantstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    DIM SUM menu items
    $$ Chinese, Venues & Event Spaces
    1026 Race St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Joy Tsin Lau is easily recognizable as there a two dragon statues framing the entrance on the street. I am a big fan of Yelp, reading all the reviews of all possible candidate restaurant before deciding where to dine. In the case of Dim Sum candidates there we several near-equal-rated possibilities, some next door or even across the street. My wife and I pick THIS one because its menu was huge (274+ items) and had many of our favorites. The menu featured Schezuan, Mandarin, and Cantonese. One of the first things I noticed was the number of Asians dinning here. If one seeks authentic dishes, this fact resonates with me as a sign of very good things to come.

    We respectfully acknowledged the staff, when I asked the young waiter his name he laughed and was generally please at the interest we showed. The decor showed sign of being well used but it was clean with white tablecloths. The waiting staff was cheerful and tended well to our needs; removed excess used plates and filling water whenever it was needed. At one point, the owner (Mabel Chi Chan) came by to ask if all was well. They all could not have been friendlier.

    Even though Dim Sum hours end around three, we inquired to insure Dim Sum items were largely available at dinner too - just not the inevitable cart parade. We knew at the get go, we were ordering up a feast and we came hungry. There are no significant Chinese restaurants in Greensboro, NC where we live and certainly none that have ample Cantonese dim sum. We ordered har gow (Shrimp dumplings), Shu Mai (pork dumplings), Barbecued Spare Ribs, Pot Stickers, Spring Rolls, Hot and Sour soup, Mongolian Beef, Chow Fun (wide noodles) Dry Style with black beans. The quality and flavor of the food were excellent. The Pot Stickers were an unusual recipe which include black forest mushrooms but were tasty enough though had wrapper that was a bit too heavy.

    We read some negative reviews that are inconsistent with our great experience. I have not one negative comment. I would recommended this restaurants to anyone who likes authentic Chinese or has an adventurous pallet. By the way, if you know your way around Chinese food, you can order items prepared your way. The price is very modest. We ate like kings for $25 a person.

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    Irene's Cuisine   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    539 St. Phillip Street (at Chartres)
    Neighborhood: French Quarter
    TELEPHONE: 504-529-8811

    HOURS: Dinner only, Monday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

    "Many loyalists declare Irene's Cuisine a well-kept secret, though you'd never know it given the often tremendous wait for a table. All parties are seated first-come, first-served. On a particularly crowded night, you might start off the wait in the garage, which is set with a few candlelit tables. Music is piped in from the restaurant, and a waiter serves drinks. Don't be put off, though. Soon you'll be moved into the roomy and inviting bar, where the pianist usually succeeds in entertaining to distraction. Finally, you'll make it into the dining room, where the ceilings are high and the walls are dark wood and lined with bottles of wine."

    "Locals consider Irene's to be the best Italian restaurant in the city, though the cuisine is infused with a bit of French country and, of course, laced with a New Orleans spice. Italian-influenced specialties like Veal Sorrentina (medallions of veal served on top of fried eggplant and topped with mozzarella and a tomato sauce) and Pollo di Parma share the menu with Lamb �a Provence and New Orleans soft-shell crabs served on a crawfish fettuccine. The limited menu is abundant with fresh, carefully prepared, locally grown vegetables and pristine seafood, augmented by seasonal specials. All dishes are rich and tasty — if a little salty — and the service is professional, yet warm and accommodating."

    See http://www.epicurious.com/e_eating/e03_restaurants/neworleans/irenes.html

    Oysters Irene; Escargot aux Champignons; Soft-Shell Crabs (seasonal); Veal Sorrentina; Pecan Praline Bread Pudding.

    My comments: Don't go if in a hurry. This is leisure dining. Plan for engaging conversation over a drink before dinner. "The garage" is a bit weird but the food is worth the wait. Wine list is good. Very highly recommended.

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes
    Houston's   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    1755 St. Charles Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70130
    Type of Establishment: American
    Price Range: Inexpensive
    Telephone: (504) 524-1578
    Hours: Daily 11am 'til 11pm

    As small dinner chains go, Houston's is about as unobjectionable a place as you'll find, even if you'll have to cool your heels until a beeper on your belt signals that your table's ready. Seconds after you're inside the large, split- level dining room, with its fern-bar feel, a perky server will appear. In a few minutes you might be digging into a thick, creamy spinach-and- artichoke dip or munching on big, meaty ribs dripping with a good sauce. The hickory-grilled burgers are a cut or two above average, as are the chili, iron-skillet beans and five-nut brownie. Very highly recommended.

    Mothers   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    401 Poydras St.
    New Orleans, LA 70130-3207
    Phone: 504/523-9656

    Mothers is where tourists line up by the dozen for its down-home southern style eats. Mother's specialties delicious baked ham and roast-beef po'boys (ask for "debris" on the beef sandwich and the bread will be slathered with meat juices and shreds of meat), home-style biscuits and jambalaya, and a very good chicken gumbo in a couple of noisy crowded dining rooms. Cleanliness is not an obsession, but that doesn't seem to repel the hordes fighting for seats at peak meal times. Food is served up by robust black southers ladies than look like the enjoy the food too. Food is cafeteria style, with a counter or two augmenting the tables. Reservations not accepted. No credit cards. My favorite soft-shell crab with chips. Highly recommended.

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes


    Pacific Grove, Monterey

    Fandango Mediterranean Grill   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    17th Street
    Pacific Grove, CA 93950
    For reservations 831-372-3456

    Friendly bit out of the way place with excellent food. Wine List is rather extraordinary and diverse from affordable to some of the worlds best wines but leaning a bit toward the more recognizable names rather than best buys. Very highly recommended.

    Old Bath House   star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg
    620 Ocean View Blvd., Pacific Grove, CA 93950
    Over-Looking the Ocean at Lovers Point Park Just 1/4 mile from the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Cannery Row
    831-375-5195 Fax: 831-375-5379

    The most romantic location in Monterey. Serve is Tops. Executive Chef:Boris Ilabaca. Four course Early dining (before 6) more affordable at under $30. Bath house has a somalie (wine steward) who will help navigate an ample wine list. Wines are offered that are better buys rather than just a name at all price ranges. The food and service are impeccable. Make reversatione well in advance - ask for a view window seat for your sepecial occasion. Very highly recommended.

    (Top)  Wine    Recipes

    Downtown Wharf and Cannery Row, Monterey

    Sardine Factory      star1.jpgstar1.jpgstar1.jpg Expensive
    701 Wave Street
    Monterey, CA 93940
    (Free parking available/Valet Parking)

    Best Wine List in the World" award from Wine Spectator for 21 years running. $30 ~ $10,000. Giovanni Sercia somalie (wine steward). Favorites include "Hog Island" Oysters from Tomales Bay, Grilled Abalone Medallions on Ginger Scallion Sauce. Reservations a must well in advances. Four dining rooms my favorite is the garden (The Conservatory)


    Cafe Beaujolais Restaurant, 961 Ukiah Street Mendocino, CA , (707) 937-5614

    Originally run by two retired French Chefs, the food was sometimes rustic but always superb. At that time it had seven tables, alas, today it is been commecialized and lacks the original charm that was its inception. Its still in the old house but now features many rooms

    Today this is a popular destination with a well thought out wine list that is modestly priced. Not rated recently

    "A Little River Restaurant"
    Not to be confused with Little River Inn Restaurant

    Over the years, many little Restaurants have occupied the tiny space behind the post office at Little River. The space is essentially 3 1/2 tables and a kitchen. I have had some incredible meals there probably for a number of reasons:

    1. High attention to detail by the current chef concentrating on a small menu for few people
    2. The stiff competive nature of the area being loaded with good places to eat.

    Unfortunately, chefs and owners come and go. Don't expect to see this place advertised. If you think your ready for a culinary experience, go by to look at the current owner's menu. In the past, I have rated this experience four stars!

    MacCallum House Inn & Restaurant
    (800) 609-0492 or (707) 937-0289.

    Warm, inviting, especially in the winter when the warmth of the fire place is so welcome. Noisy and lively. Food is good.


    Joy Luck Place
    Cantonese and Dim Sum
    10911 Cupertino Village
    North Wolf Road, Cupertino
    CA 408-255-6988
    Intersection at Homestead Road
    Affordable and Authenic
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    Mama's Fish House

    Fax:(808) 579-8594
    799 Poho Place, Paia, Hawaii 96779

    (Just out of town past Paia toward Hana on the Hana Road.)
    "Mama opened her picturesque beach home in 1973 as Hawaii's first fresh fish house, right on the beach with a spectacular view. Mama serves fresh fish caught by her own fishermen, steaks and seafood prepared Maui-style. Her beach house is a romantic memory of old Maui." Dinner Menu and Lunch Menu Let me say this is the most romatic spot ever and the food is truely 5 stars. The Ahi Sashimi was the best I ever had. The open view ( no windows) is breath taking. Valet parking was free. Very highly recommended!

    Sea Watch Restaurant

    100 Wailea Golf Club Drive, Wailea, HI 96753
    (808) 875-8080
    (808) 875-7462
    Asian Pacific Rim and Fresh Fish, informal casual elegance and outside dining in the gentle tradewinds. Very good food artfully prepared, $~30 entree. Warm and friendly. Very recommended.

    Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

    Not rated.
    A local Favorite!

    Bistro Molokini

    Near the pool of the Grand Wailea Hotel, Bistro Molokini offers a relaxing, open-air ambience with breathtaking views of the Pacific and distant islands with an demonstration kitchen and kiawe wood-burning oven. Features a harmony of new California and Island cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner. The Calamari and Kalamata Olive Salad was a TEN! I also enjoyed the local birds flying in and out. Highly recomended.

    Reservations: (808) 875-1234 x 4900

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    Otello alla Concordia    
    Via della Croce 81
    Main courses 6.50€-18€ ($7.50-$21)
    Owner: Pia (daugter of former owner)
    Paintings by Amerigo Tote in the gallery. (This was Amerigo favorite restaurant and mine too.)

    Request a table in the arbor-covered courtyard near the fountain where the fruit and fresh vegetables announce their perfection. A stone corridor set back from the street leads into the restaurant. Authentic Roman food. Menu is superb. Favorites of mine include:
    Putarelle in Salsa di alici (chicory Salad), Vitello Tonnato, Sancer Torte con panna.

    DA FELICE (Testaccio)   
    Affordable and excellent! Very simple, plainly furnished trattoria - genuine and traditional Roman Cuisine
    booking strongly recommended - no sign outside
    Best Carcofi alla Roman in town. Their Abbacchio al Forno - Rosemary scented roast suckling lamb is the best in town. Their version of the "tiramisu" was also outstanding. Via Mastro Giorgio, 29
    Tel. 06/5746800
    Closed on Sunday

    Sabatini in Trastevere   
    Piazza San Maria 13,   06-5812026
    Owner is Sylvester who is an accomplished tenor. The resturant is situated in a lively location. Wine - white Frascati wine or the house Chianti, fun place with good food and good service. Touristy and somewhat expensive. Main courses 16€-30€

    Guadi Pizzeria   
    Via R, Giovanneli 8/12
    06 8845-451

    Refreshing simple with excellent food this affordable tratoria is a favorite. Menu is very large and they have an excellent grill if you manage to get but the pizza. House wine is cheap and quite drinkable. Other specialties include il fritto misto GAUDI' e le melanzane alla sorrentina. (7:30 PM to midnight.)

    Unknown Name Tratoria   
    Via di Gesu´ e Maria
    (between Via del Babuino and Via Del Corso nearer Via del Babuino
    Authenitic Roman cusine in a simple setting. Affordable and great food.
    Highly recommended. This is a short street, walking from Via Del Corso toward Via del Babuino it will be on the left near the end.


    Trattoria la Grotta
    lunch and dinner - Owner Franco Titocchia— who's been at it for as long as he can remember, is proud of serving only the best food and great wine. He claims the Umbrian mix part Sangioves part cabernet house wine comes from his cousine in the next town over. I asked him why it was so very good! He said if it was not, the customers would go elsewhere. So stick to the house wine its very afforadable and a great buy at 5 Euros. (closed Tue, Via Luca Signorelli 5, tel. 0763-341-348) Very friendly, Umbrian food is regional and good. Try the antipasti bruschetta with Orvieto oil, ham and cured boar and the tagliatelle with duck ragu. The restaurant is located in the historical center of Orvieto and they take credit cards.

    Restaurants with a good wine List

    Note: Some of these may be duplicates of above Restaurants

    A good wine list suggest a number of things about the restaurant. A large diverse wine list means they are successful and they recognize the importance of catering to the varied taste of their customers. When the markup is modest, it tells me they want to encourage consumption knowing a great meal is incomplete without a great wine to set it off. I often decide to try a new restaurant purely on the basis of them having a discerning wine list on the rational (right or wrong) that if they don't "get it" with the wine then its unlikely that the food will be anything special. One the other hand, if the wine list includes those better buys from small wineries that feature Hand-crafted superior wines, then somebody has the ability to taste the difference and taken the time to learn what is available and offer their customers the best at a good price. If they apply that care in the wine, it usually follows that the attention to details is to be found in the food and presentation.

    42 Degrees Restaurant, 235 - 16th Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 777-5558, about  Hip place with live jazz
    A Cote Restaurant, 5475 College Avenue Oakland, CA 94618 ,
    Absinthe Restaurant, 398 Hayes Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 551-1590
    Acquerello Restaurant, 1722 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA , (415)587-5432, www.acquerello.com  info@acquerello.com,
    Albion River Inn Restaurant, 3790 North Highway #1 Albion, CA , (707) 937-1919, www.albionriverinn.com  sample menus
    Amante Restaurant, 570 Green Street San Francisco, CA 94133 , Aqua, 252 California Street San Francisco, CA , (415)956-9662
  • Auberge du Soleil Restaurant, 180 Rutherford Hill Road Rutherford, CA , (707) 963-1211, expensive
  • Balboa Cafe Restaurant, 3199 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 921-3944,
  • Big Four, 1075 California Street San Francisco, CA 94108 ,
  • Bistro Aix, 3340 Steiner San Francisco, CA 94123 , (415)202-0100
  • Blue Heron Inn Restaurant, 11 Wharf Road Bolinas, CA 94924 , (415)868-1102
  • Boulevard Restaurant, 1 Mission Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 543-6084,
  • Brannan's Grill Restaurant, 1374 Lincoln Avenue Calistoga, CA , (707)942-2233,
  • Brix Restaurant, 7377 St. Helena Highway St. Helena, CA , (707)944-2749, www.brix.com,
  • Cafe Beaujolais Restaurant, 961 Ukiah Street Mendocino, CA , (707) 937-5614, www.cafebeaujolais.com (Not as good as it used to be)
  • Cafe Claude Restaurant, 7 Claude Lane San Francisco, CA 94108 ,
  • Charles Restaurant, 1250 Jones Street San Francisco, CA 94108 , (415)771-5400
  • Chez Panisse Restaurant, 1517 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA , (510) 548-5525,
  • Citron Restaurant, 5484 College Avenue Oakland, CA , (510)653-5464,
  • Copia, 622 First Street Napa, CA 94558 , (707)265-5993,(see above)
  • Crustacean Restaurant, 1475 Polk Street San Francisco, CA 94109 , (415)776-2722
  • Curley's Grill Restaurant, 460 Main Street Ferndale, CA , (707) 786-9696,
  • Delfina Restaurant Restaurant, 3821-18th Street San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Elisabeth-Daniel Restaurant, 550 Washington Street San Francisco, CA , (415)397-6129
  • Eos Restaurant, 901 Cole Street San Francisco, CA 94117 , (415)566-3134,
  • Farallon Restaurant, 450 Post Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 959-6969,
  • Folie Douce Restaurant, 1551 "G" Street Arcata, CA , (707) 822-1042, www.holyfolie.com,
  • Foreign Cinema Restaurant, 2534 Mission Street San Francisco, CA ,
  • Four Seasons Restaurant, 757 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103 ,
  • Frascati Restaurant,San Francisco, CA 94109 , (415)928-1406,
  • French Laundry Restaurant, The, 6640 Washington Street Yountville, CA , (707)944-2380
  • Gary Danko Restaurant, 804 Northpoint at Hyde San Francisco, CA , (415)749-2060
  • Globe, 290 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, CA , (415) 391-4132
  • Gordon's Restaurant, 6770 Washington Street Yountville, CA , (707)944-8246,
  • Grand Cafe, 501 Geary Street San Francisco, CA 94115 , (French)
  • Hayes Street Grill, 324 Hayes Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 863-5355, SeaFood
  • Inn at Spanish Bay, 2700 17 Mile Drive Pebble Beach, CA 93953 ,
  • Jardiniere Restaurant, 300 Grove Street San Francisco, CA 94102 , (415)861-5555,
  • Julia Restaurant, 2191 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94115 , (415)441-2101
  • K&L Bistro, 119 S. Main Street Sebastopol, CA 95472 , Kingfish, 201 South "B" Street San Mateo, CA 94401 ,
  • Kitchen Restaurant, The, 2225 Hurley Way Sacramento, CA 95825 ,
  • La Ginestra Restaurant, 127 Throckmorton Mill Valley, CA , (415) 388-0224,
  • Lalime's Cafe Restaurant, 1329 Gilman Street Berkeley, CA , (510) 527-9838, www.lalimes.com,
  • Lark Creek Inn Restaurant, 234 Magnolia Avenue Larkspur, CA , (415) 344-9444, www.larkcreek.com
  • Larrupin's Restaurant, 1658 Patrick's Point Drive Trinidad, CA , (707) 677-0230
  • Left Bank Restaurant, The, 507 Magnolia Avenue Larkspur, CA , (415) 927-3331
  • London Wine Bar Restaurant, 415 Sansome Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 788-4811
  • LuLu Restaurant, 816 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 495-5775,
  • Manka's Inverness Lodge, Inverness, CA , (415)669-1034,
  • Manzanita Restaurant, Healdsburg, CA ,95448, (707) 433-8111
  • Martini House Restaurant, 1245 Spring Street St. Helena, CA 94574 ,
  • Masa's Restaurant, 648 Bush Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 989-7154
    new french Cuisine

    This famous and extremely formal Nouvelle French restaurant is a good place to impress someone. You walk downstairs to a well tailored room with fine linens, beautiful place settings, and fresh flower bouquets. The service and management is excellent - several waiters and busboys per table, aiming only to please. The menu is seasonal, but the venison is always a house specialty. They offer a 7-course tasting menu for $75 or 4-courses for $68. Dishes might include poached oyster, salted duck liver, lamb medallions, or fresh lobster. For dessert, make sure you try the fruit sorbet made fresh hourly. Very fine sauces, bouillons, and unique, but sensitive combinations of food add to the style of Masa's. Jacket most definitely required.
    reservations: Required 4 weeks in advance

  • Meeting House Restaurant, 1701 Octavia San Francisco, CA 94109 , (415)922-6733,
  • Mixx Restaurant, 136 Fourth Street Santa Rosa, CA 95401 , (707)573-1344,
  • Momo's Restaurant, 760 Second Street San Francisco, CA , (415)227-8660, www.eatatmomos.com,
  • Moose's Restaurant, 1652 Stockton Street San Francisco, CA , (415) 989-7800
  • Nepenthe Restaurant, Highway One Big Sur, CA 93920 , (831)567-2345,
  • Oliveto Restaurant, 5655 College Avenue Berkeley, CA , (510)547-4381,Italian
  • One Market, #1 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94105 , (415) 777-5577, www.onemarket.com,
  • Pangaea, 250 Main Street (P.O. Box 940) Point Arena, CA 95468 , (707)882-3001, www.pangaeacafe.com,
  • Parkside Cafe, Stinson Beach, CA 94970 , (415)868-1272
  • Passion Fish Restaurant, 701 Lighthouse Avenue Pacific Grove, CA ,
  • Pearl Alley Bistro Restaurant, 110 Pearl Alley Santa Cruz, CA , (408)429-8070
  • Plaza Grill, 791 - 8th Street Arcata, CA , (707)826-0860
  • Plump Jack Cafe, 3127 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA , (415)563-4755,
  • Postrio, 545 Post Street San Francisco, CA , (415)776-0447,
  • Prima Cafe, 1522 N. Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA , (925)935-7780
  • RNM Restaurant ,San Francisco, CA 94117 , (415)551-7900,
  • Ritz-Carlton, 600 Stockton Street San Francisco, CA , (415)296-7465,
  • Rivoli Restaurant, 1539 Solano Avenue Berkeley, CA , (510)525-4453, www.rivolirestaurant.com
  • Rose Pistola Restaurant, 532 Columbus Avenue San Francisco, CA , (415)399-0499,
  • Rubicon Restaurant, 558 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA , (415)421-7647,
  • Rutherford Grill, 1160 Rutherford Street Rutherford, CA 94573 , (707)963-1792,
  • Sassafras Restaurant, 1229 North Dutton Santa Rosa, CA 95401 ,
    Scott's Seafood Restaurant, Walnut Creek
    1333 N. California Blvd Walnut Creek, California 94596 , (925) 934-1300 , Fax: (925) 934-0713
  • Sent Sovi Restaurant, 14583 Big Basin Way Saratoga, CA , (408)867-3110,
  • Solano Grill & Bar, 1133 Solano Avenue Albany, CA , (510)525-8686,
  • Spago Restaurant- Palo Alto, 265 Lytton Avenue Palo Alto, CA , (650)833-1000
  • Speers, 7891 Mirabel Road Forestville, CA 95436 , (707)887-2024,
  • Teatro Zinzanni, The Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94124 ,
  • Terra Restaurant, 1345 Railroad Avenue St. Helena, CA 94574 ,
  • Tra Vigne Restaurant, Highway 29 Saint Helena, CA , (707)963-4444,
  • Valhalla Restaurant, 201 Bridgeway Sausalito, CA 94965 , (415)332-2777,
  • Village Pub Restaurant, 2967 Woodside Road Woodside, CA 94062 , (650)851-9888,
  • Wappo Restaurant, 1226 B Washington Street Calistoga, CA 94515 , (707)942-4712
  • Yabbie's Restaurant, 2237 Polk Street San Francisco, CA , (415)474-4088,
  • Zibbibo Restaurant, 430 Kipling Street Palo Alto, CA , (650)328-6722
  • Zuni Cafe, 1658 Market Street San Francisco, CA , (415)552-2522

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    Los Gatos

    Forbes Mill Steakhouse
    206 North Santa Cruz Ave.
    Los Gatos, CA 95030
    408.395.6434 (Phone)
    Not yet rated

    Places to Try

    Danville Blackhawk

    Blue Footed Booby Canoe Club
    3483 Blackhawk Plaza Circle
    Danville, California 94506
    Telephone: (925) 736-2233
    Blackhawk Grille
    Danville, CA
    3540 Blackhawk Plaza Circle
    Danville, CA 94506

    The menu is innovative and eclectic, emphasizing seasonally-inspired cuisine. Selections include a variety of "small plates," pizzas and other dishes from the wood-fired oven, fresh seafood, nature-fed meats, poultry and game from the hardwood grill; salads; special luncheon sandwiches.

    Forbes Mill Steakhouse
    200 Sycamore Valley Road West, Danville, CA. 94526
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